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About Us

ZEEMAX SPORTS is one of Pakistan's largest manufacturers and exporters of men's, ladies and children's garments. We started exports in 2008 and since then, have expanded our business to various countries in USA, Europe & Middle East, these being our major markets. By producing high quality products, making timely shipments and delivering efficient services,

We have established a reputation of being committed to customer's satisfaction. Although our presence is global, our emphasis is on giving special attention to each client taking care to accurately determine individual requirements. Our products and services are customized to meet the needs of each client. Two decades in pursuit of perfection has firmly put our faith in the fact that successful management of any operation requires efficiency, administrative ability and dedication. For us at ZEEMAX SPORTS, however, the ultimate test of success lies in attaining customer’s satisfaction.

ZEEMAX SPORTS, We know that our management is held together due to its strong roots, which we believe to be our employees. Their intermingling has nourished ZEEMAX SPORTS to build up as a strong enterprise because we treat each of our employees as a partner. In return we receive unequivocal and loyal support that allows us to serve our buyers effectively and with greater inspiration In order to serve the customer right, ZEEMAX SPORTS has a detailed system that starts from the customer's order and ends at getting the goods shipped to the customers. Different departments in the factory interact and coordinate with each other to accomplish this goal. We have one of the most modern stitching units in Pakistan,

Having all required special machines highly professional management and skilled employee base. An independent sample development center that excels in designing, sampling and product development. An in house computerized embroidery machines unit. One of the most modern garment washing plants in Pakistan Production of a wide range of garments, from basics to fashion items.